PR Services in the Nordics

An increasing number of international companies seek Global, European or Nordic communication strategies where Scandinavia often is regarded as one market. Nordic PR Partners can unlock the code to the different Nordic publics and assist you in reaching out with your messages, products or services.

Nordic PR Partners is a network of local, independent communication agencies located in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. We have more than ten years of experience working together. We can produce tailor-made campaigns for international companies entering the Nordic market, or for Scandinavian companies working on an international level. Nordic PR Partners take care of everything from the overlying strategies to the smallest operational details.

Nordic PR Partners is founded on the understanding that relations are essential when doing business together. Our network is built on relations. We appreciate each other, we like to work together, and we have done so for more than ten years. Four agencies in four countries working together as one team – acheiving better results for each client.

The Nordic countries have much in common, there are also many differences. We know what we have in common and where we can gain mutual strengths. Still respecting the differences in each market and having extensive knowledge of each individual media landscape.
Nordic PR Partners has the first hand knowledge you need. Remember; all business is local.